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Pizza Wizard

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Oh no, your castle is under attack! An army of evil monsters is right at your walls, they are trying to break their way inside. Luckily, you have something to greet them with – a whole stack of magic pizzas! With this secret and unusual weapon, you’ll be able to scatter your foes in no time. The question is whether you will be able to bake the needed amount of pizzas with the needed qualities!

Use your pizza magic to defend your home!

So, pull your courage and your ingredients together and start baking! You have to pick the right ingredients to make your pizza as powerful and magic-charged as possible. Different products will give you pizzas all kinds of amazing effects that you will be able to test on the monsters banging at your gate. As you make your way through the gameplay, there will be more and more magical qualities for you to discover and incorporate into your recipes. Hurry up, the evil creatures are approaching and the oven is already hot!

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