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Papa’s Pizzeria

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Pizza is a traditional dish you can find in every Italian (and not only) restaurant. And it’s no wonder Papa Louie is an expert at making it! If you want to learn everything about this super tasty and incredibly addictive food, start playing this great game and discover all kinds of pizza recipes together with the main character!

Papa Louie’s guide into making pizza

Our hero will teach you every little secret of making a great pizza. How to roll the dough, how to choose the filling, how to bake it so that it tastes good… Step by step, you’ll become a real pizza pro! You’ll have to run things at the restaurant, starting from the kitchen and ending with the decor at the eating area. And the better you do your job, the more customers will come to your place wanting a slice of your famous Margherita. One day, your tiny pizza shop will turn into a huge restaurant! Plunge right into this amazing cooking game and enjoy your virtual pizza!

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