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Papa’s Burgeria

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Papa Louie is a man whose love for culinary straddles oceans and takes him all around the world in search of new cuisines and recipes. This time he’s in the US and he is determined to crack the secret of a perfect burger. Together with him, you will open your own burger shop and make it thrive with proper management and wise distribution of resources!

How to make the best burger out there?

The first few days are going to be hectic. You’ll have a small kitchen and just basic utensils. With that little, you have to make sure your burgers don’t burn and are served being just juicy and crusty enough. With time, you’ll earn a sufficient sum of money to upgrade your equipment and expand your restaurant to make it even more attractive for your customers. And the tastier food you cook the better your reputation gets. Start this amazing cooking adventure together with Papa Louie and let the fame brought to you by your burgers thunder around the entire state!

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