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FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator

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So far, we’ve only seen the dark side of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. However, it’s not always such a dreadful place. In the daylight, it’s a usual pizza house where food gets cooked, waiters run around and visitors wait for their orders with watering mouths. This game gives you a chance to have a look inside the daytime version of the scary restaurant and run things around like a professional manager!

Your pizza with pepperoni and thrill!

As you start your first day (finally, not night!) in FNAF 6: Pizzeria Simulator, you have to find your way around the hangout and see what lies where and who does what here. Your job is to make sure visitors can get their pizza on time and that it’s tastier than across the street. And for that, you need the highest-end equipment and the most qualified staff. Just make sure to finish all the work by the advent of darkness. Animatronics won’t wait until you wash the last dish or sweep the floor!

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