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Pizza Tower Peppino

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Welcome to Pizza Tower, and adventure where you meet Peppino. This guy owns a little pizzeria. But one day, he learns that his cozy restaurant is in danger. A terrible boss from a neighboring tower is going to destroy it with a laser. The hero cannot allow it to happen and need to stop the approaching disaster at any cost. The cartoonish looking personage decides to become the first to defeat his opponents. For this, he needs to penetrate the tower and kill all the bosses there!

Join Peppino to solve all problems!

The main goal of the protagonist is to make it to the top of Pizza Tower, where the world’s most terrible pizza chefs reside. However, this plan only sounds easy – the place is packed with obstacles, enemies and various dangers. But there is no way back – Peppino must complete this mission. The hero is agile, quick-thinking and resourceful. His never-give-up attitude makes him practically invincible – the protagonist bravely overcomes obstacles and defeats opponents. But the most exciting thing is that he is to make pizza during the walkthrough! Pizza is one of the weapons he can use to get rid of opponents on his way. As he moves through the level, he will find a lot of ingredients he needs to prepare a tasty pizza. Each ingredient has a particular property you can use in the battles. Sometimes, you will even have to mix several of them to become super powerful.

Master all controls!

As soon as you enter the tower, you will need to know how all Peppino’s skills work. The protagonist can traditionally move in all directions – use the usual up-down-left-right controls for this. But besides, Peppino can jump, grab enemies, accelerate and taunt his adversaries. You can even combine these moves for faster and more accurate play. Your task is to take time and learn how everything works to support the hero on his way. This cool character is not only a fun personage but also a symbol of determination and courage. Peppino will teach players to keep pushing forward, no matter what obstacles are ahead of them.

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