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If you miss old good platformers, we have something exciting for you. It is Pizza Tower, a cool adventure in a platformer genre and a retro style. Here, you play for a funny looking personage. It is Peppino, a proud owner of a small pizzeria. One day, he got terrible news – the monster from a neighboring tower is going to destroy his pizzeria with a laser attack. The poor man is in despair and is going to stop the disaster. Will you help Peppino? Then let’s get it started!

Sneak into the tower!

There is only one chance to save the pizzeria – to kill all monsters that live in Pizza Tower. Are you ready for a challenge? Then it is time to start the first level. You will find yourself in a maze with multiple obstacles. At first, you need to mater all controls – so learn how to move your character to easily navigate him through the environment. Peppino can move in different directions, but he can also jump and attack. The character can punch, kick and throw pizza. You need to use these powers strategically to defeat enemies and avoid being killed yourself. You will have to get from one moving platform to another – if you fall, you may lose your life. And be especially careful to avoid such hazards as spikes and lava not Do not be afraid to test different strategies until you understand what works best.

Your main weapon is pizza!

You will also need to make as much pizza as possible to succeed and to survive. This is one of the main weapons in the game. The main character can use it to attack his opponents. Moreover, you yourself decide how powerful your pizza is going to be – it depends on the ingredients you use. Add mushrooms and pepperoni to make Peppino change his size and become stronger. Furthermore, collect pizza pieces until you make a whole one and get an extra life for your character. Sometimes, you can also use it to break some obstacles on your way. So try to be inventive when you make your pizza and use all possible ingredients to add more power to it. You will have to complete 9 dynamic levels where bosses become scarier and obstacles more difficult. Make sure you navigate between all of them and reach the finishing line with the highest possible score. This platformer will immerse you in a world full of never-ending fun. Enjoy it now!


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