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Pizza Tower is a cool 2D platformer in a retro style that combines elements of classic platformers with some unique features of its own. In the game, you play as Peppino Spaghetti, a pizzeria owner who is genuinely fond of his job. But one day, everything changes drastically – a terrible monster visits Peppino to warn him that he is going to destroy his little restaurant. That villain lives in a Pizza Tower nearby and there is no doubt he is determined to realize his evil threats. So the protagonist must immediately invent something to interfere with enemy’s plans! Are you here to lend him a hand?

Penetrate the tower

Unfortunately, there is only one way to protect the pizzeria – you must get inside that Pizza Tower to destroy everyone that can bring harm to you. The interior of the tower reminds a tricky maze with tons of obstacles on every step. Moreover, the location if full of different bosses you will need to deal with. The place presented by 19 levels, and you can pass them in any preferred order. As you move through each of them, you must look around and collect pizza ingredients. These will bring you money and even serve as a weapon against your opponents. Once you accumulate enough coins, you will be able to open the doors to the boss you need to delete to save your favorite pizzeria. Besides, at each level there are secrets and treasures for which you will receive even more points. The more points you earn, the higher is your ranking is the game.

Don’t stop making pizza!

The game comes with rich content but still, a pizza-making process is one of the most exciting activities in Pizza Tower. Peppino will continue cooking pizza as he rushes through the levels. All the ingredients needed for it he will find on the go – cheese, sauce and various topping. What’s interesting – each pizza has unique properties, depending on the ingredients you choose for it. If you use mushrooms and pepperoni, the hero will grow in size and strength. Then you can throw pizza slices as a projectile weapon. And do not forget to collect various power-ups – invincibility, speed boost, and extra lives. Each new level will come with new enemies and obstacles. Be ready for a fight with a scary boss in the end of it. Make sure you help you character decently cope with all the trials and kill the final boss! The active gameplay will not allow you to relax even for a moment, but you will surely enjoy this joyous chaos!

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