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Pizza Tower 2

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What about having some fun in a retro-styled platformer? This time it is really exciting – you will play for a cute character. This is Peppino. He is an Italian who owns a little pizzeria. Everything is fine until one day, when a terrible creature visited the protagonist and informed that his cozy pizzeria would be soon destroyed. The villain lives in a Pizza Tower and is going to use a laser attack for his evil plan. Peppino must stop this evil monster!

Welcome to the tower!

No matter how scary this structure looks, Peppino needs to overcome his fear and explore it. So step inside the tower to go through nine challenging levels full of unbelievable trials: spikes, lava, moveable platforms and plenty of evil bosses that you must defeat in fierce duels. It will not be easy to successfully overcome all these difficulties. But the main character knows well how to make pizza, and this knowledge can seriously help him now! As he is passing through the level, he will see a lot of ingredients floating around – make sure to collect them all and prepare pizza. It will allow you to unlock various super abilities you can use to attack the enemies. Alternatively, you can even use pizza as a weapon and throw it to hit your opponents. Adjust its strength by the combination of different ingredients. From time to time, you will come across a piece of pizza – collect them all as well, a complete pizza will bring an extra life to you.

Be smart and fast

Unlike in traditional platformers, where the heroes can only move forward and backward, Peppino has a lot of other features. He can jump and attack! He can even grow bigger once he makes the right pizza. So learn all these controls well to enable your personage easily pass all the levels. You will also need to pick up power-ups to strengthen your character and give him more chances to win. But do not forget that you will always need to instantly adapt to new traps and obstacles once you start a new level. The same refers to bosses – each of them is different! So you need to find a way to destroy them all! Passing all levels in Pizza Tower will require a lot of skills and patience – do not be afraid to test different strategies to succeed. Try this cool entertainment – you will surely not be bored in this hectic adventure!

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