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Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is an exciting and dynamic adventure in which you are controlling a charismatic personage that is trying to save his pizzeria. The owner of this little restaurant is Peppino Spaghetti, a cute Italian who is working hard to make his ends meet. But one day, he is visited by a mysterious bird with a pizza face. This uninvited guest informs the hero that he owns a big tower in the neighborhood and is going to destroy Peppino’s pizzeria just for fun. Will you help the hero protect his business?

How to play?

The main character is furious about what he has just heard. So he is determined to destroy that terrible tower. He immediately gets inside to face and deal with lots of enemies. Now you need to navigate through endless levels, collecting proper ingredients to make pizza on the way and avoiding multiple obstacles at the same time. It would be fair to admit that pizza-making element is a special attraction of the game. As you move along, you must look for cheese, sauce and toppings. Then you can use these ingredients to make delicious pizzas and use these to defeat enemies or heal Peppino. The trick is that every ingredient has a different property, and you must choose the correct one for each situation. Sometimes, you will even need a combination of several of them. However, not all your enemies can be defeated with pizza only. In a lot of cases, you will need more creative solutions to succeed. Besides, endless obstacles will force you to demonstrate your best agility skills – you will have to overcome spikes, pits, and moving platforms.

Pass all the levels!

Overall, you need to successfully pass 19 levels in Pizza Tower. They all are unique – with lots of fun and gimmicks. There are a lot of cool locations the main hero needs to cross – from the tower’s lobby to the rooftop, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in this game. Besides, you will enjoy humorous coloring during the walkthrough – funny-looking opponents and lots of cute situations. The main character is practically invincible. Moreover, he sometimes can even enjoy super powers – the ability to blow fire or the strength of a cheese monster. The monsters in Pizza Tower are really inventive – Peppino will go through a lot of exciting duels. He will meet a cheese cowboy, a pizza gremlin and many more. You will enjoy this adventure and all the gags that will make you laugh a lot!

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